Collection: The Imperfects

Welcome to our unique collection of The Imperfects. Celebrating the beauty in irregularity, this range of earrings is born from the dust and shavings of our drilling and sanding processes. Each pair is handcrafted by Élodie in our Brooklyn atelier with an emphasis on embracing organic forms and raw beauty.

These earrings stand as a testament to our belief that there's a distinctive charm in imperfection. Rather than following a uniform pattern, each piece showcases a slightly rugged, natural aesthetic, making them wonderfully unique and a true reflection of the handcrafting process.

Explore The Imperfects collection and find a pair that resonates with your authentic style. Each piece tells a story of raw beauty, resourcefulness, and artistic expression. Dive into our world of perfectly imperfect creations and let them enhance your unique style. Happy shopping!