Aurelie - Who is Aurelie?

Aurelie - Who is Aurelie?

Today, I’m incredibly excited to share something very special with you all - Aurelie Collection. This collection isn't just a range of earrings; it's a heartfelt tribute to an extraordinary woman who has touched our lives in countless ways - Aurélie. 💖

I met Aurélie on an autumn evening many years ago in the Parisian suburbs, at a gathering of my husband's oldest friends. The group was close-knit, full of laughter, and shared a lifetime of memories. Walking into that circle felt like diving into the deep end, but there was Aurélie, with her heartwarming smile and sparkling personality, making me feel instantly at home. 

Aurélie is a woman of incredible kindness and gentleness. Her spirit is as fresh as the morning dew, and her presence is as comforting as a warm hug. She has been there for us in both the darkest and the brightest of times, her heart always full of love and joy. This collection is my way of honoring her and the beautiful friendships she embodies. 👭💕

Nearly 20 years later, Aurélie continues to inspire me with her love for simple pleasures and her delight in the happiness of others. She is a cherished friend, a confidante, and a source of endless joy and inspiration.

In creating the Aurelie Collection, I wanted to capture a piece of her spirit. But remember, these earrings are just a glimpse into the remarkable woman that is Aurélie.

So, join me as I celebrate not just a new collection, but a woman whose spirit continues to inspire and delight me. Here's to Aurélie and the friendships that enrich our lives!

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