Auriane - Who is Auriane?

Auriane - Who is Auriane?

Excited to reveal the Auriane Collection! 🌟 This new line of handcrafted earrings is more than just jewelry, it's a testament to the enduring, deep, and sincere friendship I share with an extraordinary woman, Auriane. 🦋

Auriane, a confidante from our high school days, a companion through countless train rides from our Parisian suburb to the city, a beacon of unwavering support, and an irreplaceable part of my most cherished memories. From study sessions for our Baccalauréat to holiday adventures, spirited evenings and the unforgettable day she stood by my side at my wedding, each moment is deeply ingrained in my heart. ❤️

Despite the miles that have come between us, our bond remains strong and unyielding. Time and distance have only made me appreciate more the remarkable person that she is: kind, supportive, vivacious, and truly one in a million. Each piece in this collection echoes her qualities and our shared memories.

As this collection comes to life on our e-shop, I am swept up in a wave of sweet nostalgia. The Auriane Collection is a celebration of not just a friendship, but a connection that transcends time and distance. It's my way of saying thank you, Auriane, for being you. 💕

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