Clairette - Who is Clairette?

Clairette - Who is Clairette?

🌿Introducing my 3rd earring collection, "Les Clairette’s"! 🌿

I have a few Claires in my life, and they all hold a special place in my heart. The one I want to tell you about today is from when I was 15, when we met in school while my life and certainties were falling apart.

This Claire, you love her at first sight! She's beautiful, brilliant, laughs loudly, and speaks too much! She's comforting, funny, and tender. She loves so fiercely that you feel invincible by her side! Claire and I have experienced a thousand things together. We started as best friends, then sisters - so much so that people sometimes mistook us for twins... Then life took us apart, only to reunite us even stronger. With this Claire, it's for life, that's for sure! 💕

I designed these earrings with a beautiful green dress that Claire gifted me last summer in mind. I wanted them to be large, colorful, and with simple shapes; I'm sure Claire will love them! I hope... 🌟 🌿

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