Huguette - Who is Huguette?

Huguette - Who is Huguette?

✨ Introducing the Huguette's Collection: My Second Line of Earrings ✨

Inspired by my beloved grandmother Huguette, who's still with us despite her age, this collection is an ode to love, warmth, and family. Huguette has always been there for me, stepping in when I needed her most. My childhood memories with my sweet grandma are incredibly precious. Her lovingly prepared meals and cozy post-meal cuddles will forever be etched in my heart.

These beautiful earrings were designed while reminiscing about our best moments together. The soft blue hues remind me of the many summers spent on French beaches, with Huguette knitting baby-blue clothes for our soon-to-be-born cousin as we watched the ocean waves.

🌊☀️👵🏼 Celebrate cherished memories and treat yourself to a piece from the Huguette's Collection.

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